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Math Fractions:

Best app out there to learn and practice Fractions

Learn and practice 16 different skill sets related to Fractions using "Math Fraction" iOS app from ITrendy software. This app includes "Test" and "practice" modes allowing students to master their fraction skills at their own pace. To all the parents out there, this the best gift you can give your children who are struggling with Fraction operations.


Practice Fraction questions

  • Three levels
  • Covers variety of topics


Clean and easy to use interface

  • Clean and efficient user-interface
  • Each topic includes a total of 20 randomly selected questions as a default. 
  • User settable number of questions.
  • On-screen Keypad for easy of use

Topics include

  • Reducing fractions to simplest form
  • Converting Mixed to Improper fractions
  • Converting Improper to Mixed fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Fraction Addition: Like Denominators
  • Fraction Addition: Unlike Denominators
  • Fraction Addition: Mixed Numbers
  • Fraction Subtraction: Like Denominators
  • Fraction Subtraction: Unlike Denominators
  • Fraction Subtraction: Mixed Numbers
  • Fraction Multiplication: Like Denominators
  • Fraction Multiplication: Unlike Denominators
  • Fraction Multiplication: Mixed Numbers
  • Fraction Division: Like Denominators
  • Fraction Division: Unlike Denominators
  • Fraction Division: Mixed Numbers


Built-in REVIEW

  • Review what you missed using built-in review


Progress Report

  • Built-in Progress Report allows parents, teachers and children to keep track of their progress
  • Multi-user compliant

Privacy policy: ITrendy software apps do not collect any personal information or location service details.