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Spelling Chum:

Improve English spelling skills, expand your vocabulary and literacy skills

Do you need to practice spelling skills or expand your vocabulary and literacy skills? If so, "Spelling Chum" will help you do just that. "Spelling Chum" includes 1000+ carefully selected, commonly used English words making it an essential tool for your learning experience. It is fully voice activated and supports American, British, Australian accents, while providing hours of fun for all ages.  

Includes four levels and total of 1,150 words:

    Easy Level            3-4 letter words (340 words)

    Moderate Level    5-6 letter words (340 words)

    Hard Level            7-8 letter words (250-words)

    Scholarly Level    9-12 letter words (200-words)



  • Fully voice activated and supports American, British, Australian accents
  • Pause and restart the game from your left off, OR clear scores and restart game from beginning at anytime
  • Review the words you missed using voice activated help
  • Recommended for all ages
  • No advertisements- We do not believe in distractions while learning
  • No In-App purchases- We do not request additional payments to continue with the game. You will learn 1,150 frequently used English words and their spelling using this app

FOUR LEVELS and total of 1,150 words:

  • Easy Level             3-4 letter words (350 words)
  • Moderate Level       5-6 letter words (350 words)
  • Hard Level             7-8 letter words (250-words)
  • Scholarly Level      9-12 letter words (200-words)


User settings

  • User selectable English accents (US, UK and Australian)
  • User settable speech Pitch and Rate


Clean and easy to use interface

  • Clean and efficient user-interface
  • Listen to voice prompts and spell the word
  • Each word is readout loud, followed by a sentence
  • On-screen Keypad for easy of use

Review what you missed

  • At the end of each level review what you missed
  • Fully voice activated

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